We can make a cake to suit every occasion. 


Sponge cake, butter cake, mud cake, red velvet cake, fruit cake, rainbow cake, marble cake,  carrot cake just to name a few.


Flavours are endless.  Some of the more popular flavours are:

Chocolate vanilla, raspberry, death by chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, coconut, cherry, pina colada, licorice, bubblegum, orange or jaffa.  You could  have almost any flavour but some flavours are best suited to certain types of cakes.  Please ask if you are unsure.


There are also many fillings to choose from, such as buttercream, white or dark chocolate genache, mousse, cream cheese, fudge, lemon curd or raspberry/strawberry preserve.


Icing is important and preference may usually depend on the event, season, audience or cake type.  Some options include fondant (usually covering a wedding cake), buttercream, cream cheese or chocolate genache.




Cupcakes can be a great alternative to the traditional cake.  The options are endless and can suit occasions from children’s parties to weddings and corporate events.  Cupcakes can be flavoured, filled and topped with anything from edible sugar art, images and plastic rings.   

Cupcake.jpg - small



Cake Pops

Cake pops are becoming very popular because they can be less messy than a slice of cake and look amazing.  Cake pops can be individually wrapped and tied with ribbon suited to your event. 



Biscuits & Cookies

Biscuits and cookies are great used as party favours, bonbonnieres or office function.  You can choose different styles for different occasions like shortbread, gingerbread or chocolate.  The cookies can be made into any shape and decorated to suit the occasion.

Dinosaurcookies_3.jpg - small




Whether you are having a send-off, celebrating a milestone, launching a new product or moving office – we can  offer a selection to suit the occasion and your business logos can be used.

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Sweet Buffet

Can’t decide? Why not have a selection of all of the above.  This works particularly well for children’s events but can be tailored to suit any event.




Flowers can make a cake look amazing.  You can choose to add fresh flowers or incorporate our exquisite hand crafted sugar flowers.  Our sugar flowers are very dainty and detailed and can be tailored to work in with your event colours.  All sugar flowers are hand crafted.  They may contain wires and supports, which are not edible.  It is your responsibility to remove before serving.

SugarFlowers.jpg - small



Edible Images

Edible images can be a great way to personalise your design.  You can have anything from photos, logos to personal messages.  You can also choose the size – from cupcakes to full cake fit.